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Am I Missing Something Here?

It's tough for financial writers to come up with new material so they have to be creative.  Unfortunately, the following attempt at saying something new demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of the current bond market, which affords no opportunities for the small investor.  In fact, it's safe to say that with the current benchmark bond interest rates in play, the bond market is dead. This is one of the main reasons the Dow has surpassed the 17,000 mark -- money that would otherwise go into a vibrant bond market is instead finding its way into equities markets, and driving up stock values along the way.

In the article, "Retirement Investing, Are You Doing It All Wrong?" the writer refers to an expert economist who argues investors should own more stocks the older they grow, not fewer, which also means those approaching retirement should cut back their participation in the bond market.

What bond market is this author referring to? There is currently no bond ma…

Motivating, Retaining and Recruiting Employees

An easy way to do this is to provide your employees with an annual total compensation statement like the one we just did for a blue chip financial services firm based in downtown Manhattan.  Here is a sample of the one-page statement we did for their employees. Sample total compensation statement

We can do personalized annual statements for your organization too. 

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