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A Calming Idea

This has to be the most muddled topic on the "current events" registry.  Ask anyone what "Obamacare" means, and the range of responses might astound you.  I wouldn't know even know how to structure an opinion poll or survey on the subject.  Any relevant respondent "data" would be confined to the "open responses" section of the survey.  The only common threads I have observed are generally strong personal feelings about the subject and frustration mired in confusion. 

Any organization that communicates group health care plan information is, by default, communicating Obamacare.  This can unwittingly attach itself to the weak link between the general public (which includes employees and covered family members) and Obamacare.  So anyone communicating to this audience must be aware of the underlying emotional stew. 

It would seem prudent to develop a calming strategy along with the exchange of any factual information.  Just pumping out facts (e.g…