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Diametrics 101

“Insurance” and “public welfare” really don’t belong in the same sentence.But this is the sentence that President Obama and his advisors have constructed.Of course, not all the blame should be directed at Obama.He was just carrying out the socialized medicine program concept that has been a major plank of the Democratic Party since FDR was in office.The only difference between him and his Democratic predecessors is that he went ahead and did it.His predecessors, including Hillary Clinton and Ira Magaziner, just talked about it, which left them, and the American public, in far less vulnerable positions.
And as we all have come to learn, this (“Obamacare”) is an exercise in self destruction because these are diametrically opposed concepts.People who set up insurance companies weren’t motivated by public welfare.On the contrary, their single goal was and is to make money.If public welfare happened to improve because of their insurance arrangements, so much the better.
Now insurance comp…