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Want to know how your hospital stacks up? Easy Enough. Get the competitive information you need.

Within many geographic areas of the US, many hospitals compete with each other for labor and patients.Each hospital within such areas would surely find it useful to know how they compare to the other hospitals beyond government-mandated quality outputs. This is why tPF is pleased to announce it will be soon launching a ground-breaking model for a competitive hospital study.

The type of information we are after is within the realm of staff attitudes, perceptions, opinions and motivations.Such information is particularly powerful when gathered all at the same time and compared within a competitive field.Think of it as an employee opinion survey steeped in the aftermath of the fledgling Affordable Care Act, but within a competitive group.This is unprecedented because although many hospitals do their own employee opinion surveys, or have a third party do them, they only look at the attitudes and opinions of their own staff.They don’t look at how such opinions and attitudes compare to tho…