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Obamacare and -- the latest

Even someone without any media savvy would know by now that Obamacare is an epic failure.  This blog isn't about beating a dead horse as much as it is about the gap between government policy and government administration.

What inspired me to comment on this maelstrom was an item in documents just released by the House Oversight and Reform Committee.  These documents reveal that Obamacare website ( was only equipped to handle 1,100 users a day before it was launched.  In a “Stress Test” conducted September 30th, the document notes:
            “Currently we are able to reach 1100 users before response time gets too high. “

When this number is surpassed, the system slows down.  How much it slows down is difficult to determine since the above text is vague.  No cycle time information, no information about how much time is added to do simple tasks, nothing.  What is known is that, as widely reported in the media, most users failed to even log onto to the system, …