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Critical Challenges Facing Employers Under Obamacare

As a result of Obamacare, employers must understand, navigate, and adapt to a quickly changing, highly complex, and still uncertain marketplace for health benefits.  Here are some of the critical challenges:

·Helping Employees, Dependents, and Retirees Understand Obamacare:
Effective internal communications is an essential ingredient for an engaged, productive workforce with low turnover.  This is heightened under the dynamics and complexities of Obamacare. Unfortunately, employees will look to their employer to explain Obamacare (i.e., Affordable Care Act), even if the employer is not changing benefits.  Employees have friends and family who will need help understanding Obamacare.  The airwaves, mail boxes, and street corners will be packed with messaging from all angles and interests – some pro, some con, some partisan, some factually wrong, some even fraudulent, much of it confusing, and all of it mind numbingly complex. This represents an opportunity for employers to beef up their…