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ACA Status?

Two forces are at work, literally laying in wait to decimate the ACA (aka Obamacare). There are the Trump campaign promises to throw it away, coupled with increased Republican power. In an Election Day upheaval, we now have a clean Republican sweep at the Federal legislative and executive branches, which means impending Republicanizan on the judicial branch. With virtual control of the White House and both chambers, the GOP will have the votes to cast Obamacare away.

The question isn’t if they’ll do it. The relevant questions are how they’ll dismantle it and to what extent. Those on the party's conservative wings are already clamoring for repeal as a top Trump administration priority. But Trump himself has consistently vacillated on this complex issue. One moment he makes unequivocal denunciations (‘it must be killed’) with furrowed eyebrows, and the next, when pressed for an alternative, he comes up with vague notions sounding similar to what Obamacare already offers.

So where is…